[Infographic] Texting and Driving in Wisconsin

abelins | June 8, 2016

abel insurance texting in Wisconsin


View and download our infographic on texting and driving. Texting and driving has been banned in Wisconsin since December 2010. Not only is texting while driving very dangerous, but there are consequences if you are pulled over while doing it!

Thanks in part to a national campaign sponsored by AAA, the act of composing or sending electronic text messages while driving became illegal in Wisconsin effective Wednesday, December 1, 2010. Wisconsin joined 30 other states in enacting this legislation, which prohibits behind-the-wheel texting via cell phones, laptop computers plus a host of other wireless communication devices. Authorized emergency personnel will be exempt as will the use of global positioning devices.

Learn more about the dangers of texting and driving and the consequences of doing so from our downloadable infographic. Feel free to download and use our infographic as a resource.

abel insurance_textingdriving

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