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Life insurance is one of the many ways you plan for the future! It’s how you make sure your loved ones are taken care of after your death. There are different types and levels of life insurance. Understand the different types of life insurance and which kind will work best for you.

There are two basic kinds of life insurance; term insurance and cash value insurance. Whole life insurance and universal life insurance are cash value insurance.


Term Insurance

  • covers you for a term of one or more years
  • pays a death benefit only if you die in that term
  • generally offers the largest insurance protection for your premium dollar


Whole Life Insurance

  • covers you for as long as you live as long as you pay your premiums
  • premium typically will cost the same through lifetime


Universal Life Insurance

  • flexible policy that lets you vary your premium payments
  • premium payments can be designed to cover short-term needs as well as permanent needs
  • many policyholders design their premium payments to end upon their anticipated retirement



  • written contract between you and a life insurance company
  • the company will pay you a life insurance annuity – a series of payments made at regular intervals
  • an annuity contract is not a life insurance policy or a health insurance policy

I just had a baby.  Can you write a new life insurance policy for my little one?

Most definitely and it is very affordable!  The baby must be 19 days old and then an application can be submitted.


Does term life insurance accumulate cash value?

Term Life does not accumulate cash value.  Whole Life and Universal Life do.


What is the normal amount for life insurance coverage?

There is not a normal amount of life insurance from one individual/family to another.  Every situation is different and unique.  A Life Insurance Needs Estimator can help you determine the right amount for you.


Who do I call when I have a claim to report? What if that claim is not during your business hours?

Call your agent at our office.  If you are calling after hours and have a claim emergency, you will be given an after-hours emergency claim phone number to call.


Does your policy come with an agent/customer service rep?

At abel insurance – your policy does!

“The response to my claim was exceptional. Payment was made even before the repairs were completed.”

— Roger & Lucille H.

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