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Insuring homes and apartments in the Fox Valley

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A house is likely one of the largest investments anyone will make in their lifetime and should be protected! Homeowners Insurance is a package of different coverages that will shield you from loss due to many different and unexpected perils.  Home insurance policies are actually a package of different types of insurance coverage.

See our list of different coverages that go into a package!



  • covers the structure of the house to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged or destroyed by fire, tornado, lightning, or other natural disasters listed in your policy
  • does will NOT pay for the damage caused by flood, earthquake or routine wear and tear
  • when purchasing coverage for the structure of your home it’s important that you buy enough to rebuild your home


Personal Property Insurance Coverage

  • covers your personal belongings and the contents of your home
  • limitations on items such as cash, jewelry, silver, and guns if lost due to theft
  • business property is also limited on the personal homeowners policy


Liability Insurance

  • protects the named insured against lawsuits/claims for injuries they cause to other people
  • pays for damage done by most pets
  • pays for defending the policyholder in court and court awards.


Other Structures

  • greenhouse
  • detached garage
  • storage shed


Other Coverages

  • jewelry
  • guns
  • boats
  • ATVs
  • snowmobiles
  • water and sewer back up
  • identity theft




Tell us about any other assets you want covered!

Renters insurance protects your property and assets from anything bad that can happen to the property you rent.

Do I need a home inventory for home or renters insurance in the case of a claim?

It is not required but if you are going to make a claim the insurance company isn’t going to just cut you a check.  They will want a detailed list of what was taken and cost to replace?? It.  A home inventory is the best way to provide this.  Use our Encircle App!


Why is my house insured for so much?

We have to insure your home for replacement value not assessed or market value.  Replacement value takes into consideration other costs that could be incurred to rebuild your home such as demolition, debris removal, building codes, etc.


My child just moved to college, what do I do next?

Contact us to discuss the specifics.  This may involve additional endorsements or even maybe some discounts.


I just got engaged  Can you insure my ring or do I need to find other insurance to cover it?

We can insure your ring!  This is added to your homeowners or renters policy. We typically need an appraisal to add it.


Why do I need renters insurance?

To protect your personal property and your personal liability!


Who do I call when I have a claim to report? What if that claim is not during your business hours?

Call your agent at our office.  If you are calling after hours and have a claim emergency, you will be given an after-hours emergency claim phone number to call.


Does your policy come with an agent/customer service rep?

At abel insurance – your policy does!


What is the recommended age for my child to put his/her car ins under their own name/have their own policy?

There really isn’t a set age.  This is an item of discussion with your agent.


If I was involved in a hit and run accident, will my insurance rate raise if I file a claim to get my vehicle fixed even though it wasn’t my fault?

Some companies may raise your rate depending upon the amount of damages.


What is the procedure when I have a claim?

We report the claim to the carrier after notification from you.  A representative from your insurance company should be in contact with you in 24 to 48 business hours.  If not, please contact us.  During this time you should start determining what your damage is or value of any damaged property.  Stay in touch with us if you have any questions.

“The whole thing was made fast and easy for us. We will stick with Abel Insurance to handle all our auto & home insurance!”

— Daniel & Patricia A.

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