Drone Insurance Coverage for Recreational and Commercial Use

abelins | April 20, 2016

drone insurance coverage for recreational and commercial use


If you’re thinking of (or already using) a drone for recreational or commercial use, then make sure you get drone insurance. If it causes property damage or bodily harm, you could be in a lot of trouble if you don’t have the right coverage.

It’s almost happened. Last December, a World Cup skier narrowly escaped injury by a drone. It was filming his Alpine slalom race and crashed mere inches behind him. Had it hit him, it would have injured him and his career, and the drone operator would be facing huge legal and financial issues. Drone coverage is essential

Since drones are so new, most people don’t realize they need to insure them or even how to get coverage. Here’s what abel’s insurance agents have to say on insuring your drone.


What’s the difference between drone insurance and UAV insurance?

UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Since that’s what a drone is, there is no difference between the two. Drone insurance and UAV insurance are the same thing.


Do drones need to be insured for recreational and/or commercial use?

This all depends on how it’s used. If you are receiving any type of payment for its use, then you need commercial coverage. If you are only using it recreationally, then your carrier may provide automatic coverage.


What kind of coverage do I need for flying drones?

You will need liability insurance in case it crashes into someone else’s property and damages that property. If your drone hit someone at your house or when you were using it recreationally (golfing, fishing, etc.), your insurance company could exclude the claim. You also need coverage on the value of the drone itself. Many companies exclude coverage for drones on your homeowner policy.


Do I need coverage for potential privacy infringement?

Though privacy is a big concern with drone use, there’s no automatic coverage for privacy invasion or personal injury. This would include taking pictures or movies with the drone and posting them online without permission from those you photographed or filmed.


What’s the minimum coverage?

The same as your personal liability on your home policy IF the carrier will offer you the coverage on the drone.


Are drones covered in my commercial liability insurance?

Drone coverage is automatically excluded on any commercial policy! If you want to purchase coverage for a drone, you will need to fill out a supplemental application. Then your insurance agent will work Aviation Insurance Brokers to get you a quote for the type of exposure you need to cover. It all varies based on usage.


What policies don’t cover drones?

Each company is going to have their own rules if they will or will not cover drones and under what circumstances. It depends on what the drone is being used for, who is using it, and its value.


Can I lose drone insurance?

In the majority of cases, your drone coverage is really just an extension of your home policy. If you have a claim, it’s very possible the claim will affect your premium.


How can I insure my drone?

If you need commercial coverage, contact an insurance agent connected with Aviation Insurance Brokers like abel insurance. If you are looking for personal coverage, abel will need your drone’s make, model, value, and use for a discussion with the carrier.


How will drone insurance policies change in the future?

Experience will tell companies how to better rate and insure. Insurance is based on experience, and there just isn’t enough experience on drones yet to give good answers. Drone use and its associated liabilities are emerging risks that change every day with the experiences people are creating/having.


Insure your drone. Contact abel today.

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