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Auto Insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. Personal Auto Insurance rates depend on the type of car you drive and the amount of coverage you’re looking for. Car insurance policies are actually a package of different types of insurance coverage.

See our list of different coverages that go into a package!

Liability Insurance

  • covers medical expenses
  • pays lost wages for the other party
  • pays damage to vehicle(s)
  • covers court costs


Medical Coverage

  • covers medical expenses regardless of fault


Uninsured Motorist Coverage

  • pays damages for your injuries if another motorist is liable and they are uninsured


Underinsured Motorist Coverage

  • pays damages for your injuries to the insured if another motorist is liable and they are underinsured


Comprehensive/Other Than Collision Insurance

  • pays loss or damage to the insured’s vehicle for losses caused by fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, hail, hitting an animal, and various other perils
  • covers damage from striking an animal is also covered as comprehensive


Car Collision Insurance

  • pays for damage to the insured’s vehicle caused by its collision with another object or vehicle


Other Types of Vehicles Covered

  • collector vehicles
  • street rod and modified vehicles
  • replicas
  • sports cars and muscle cars
  • antique/classic autos, pickups and motorcycles
  • vintage trucks
  • vintage military vehicles
  • historic farm tractors
  • modern collectible vehicles and exotic vehicles
  • motorcycle
  • snowmobile
  • ATV
  • golf cart
  • boat*
  • RV



Don’t see what you need insured on our list? Give us a call.

*24-hour roadside and lakeside assistance for both boats and the vehicles they are towed with can be purchased.


Ride-Sharing: Are You Covered?

Your personal auto insurance does not cover you to use your vehicle for commercial purposes such as ride-sharing, pizza delivery, newspaper delivery and more. You can purchase commercial auto insurance to cover these instances.


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What is comprehensive and collision coverage?

Both of these are physical damage coverage and subject to a deductible. Comprehensive covers vandalism, deer hits, hail damage, etc. Collision covers when you hit a vehicle, back into a pole, etc.

What is GAP coverage? Is this something that you offer?

GAP coverage is for the difference between your loan and the depreciated value of your vehicle. You can typically get this through your insurance carrier or your financial institute. You do need to ask what the coverage differences would be between the two.

Should I take the insurance for a rental car?

It depends upon your current coverage, who is renting the vehicle, who is driving it and where it is being driven.  Call to discuss as this varies by company.

What is replacement cost coverage on my auto policy?

Replacement cost coverage may be available on your new car.  Please call or contact us to discuss.

Does auto med pay pay out to me, my passengers &/or others?

The auto Med Pay coverage protects you if you’re in a covered accident.  This also covers any passengers in  your vehicle.

When should I remove physical damage?

This is unique to every situation and individual.  Truly depends on financial situation of individual, value of car, etc.

When should I add my young driver?

Typically when they get their driver’s license.

How can I get an auto ID card?

You can request this from us several different ways.  You can call us during business hours, use the Contact Us form on our website or e-mail  Let us know how you wish to receive it and we will get it out to you.

What does BI, PD, MP, COMP, COLL, UM & UIM stand for?

These are referring to personal auto liability and physical damage coverages .  The following are liability:  BI = Body Injury, PD = Property Damage, MP = Medical Payments, UM = Uninsured Motorist, UIM = Underinsured Motorist.  Physical Damage coverages are:  COMP = Comprehensive coverage, COLL = Collision coverage.

My child just moved to college, what do I do next?

Contact us to discuss the specifics.  This may involve additional endorsements or even maybe some discounts.

Do you have a referral bonus for referring new clients to your agency?

We do have a referral bonus program.  If you refer someone to our agency and we write their insurance, you receive a gift card, pen or other item.  You are also entered in our quarterly referral drawing to win a $50 gas card!

Who do I call when I have a claim to report? What if that claim is not during your business hours?

Call your agent at our office.  If you are calling after hours and have a claim emergency, you will be given an after-hours emergency claim phone number to call.

Does your policy come with an agent/customer service rep?

At abel insurance – your policy does!

What is the recommended age for my child to put his/her car ins under their own name/have their own policy?

There really isn’t a set age.  This is an item of discussion with your agent.

If I was involved in a hit and run accident, will my insurance rate raise if I file a claim to get my vehicle fixed even though it wasn’t my fault?

Some companies may raise your rate depending upon the amount of damages.

What is the procedure when I have a claim?

We report the claim to the carrier after notification from you.  A representative from your insurance company should be in contact with you in 24 to 48 business hours.  If not, please contact us.  During this time you should start determining what your damage is or value of any damaged property.  Stay in touch with us if you have any questions.

Have a New Driver?

Use this Teen Driving Contract to go over the rules of the road and go over consequences.

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Do you know what to do at the scene of an auto accident

According to the NHTSA, 1 in 3 people are invovled in a car accident at some point in their lives. Do you know what to do? Having the right plan will make all of the difference and could save you money and time down the road.

Keeping our free guide handy will help you know what do if you get into an automobile accident.

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